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Russian Short Stories On Your Screen: 3 DVDs

Russian Short Stories On Your Screen (companion title to Advanced Russian) ISBN 1-58269-054-5 (three video DVDs). Selected by Sophia Lubensky and Irina Odintsova. Directed and produced by Slava Paperno. $49.00.

Advanced Russian: From Reading to Speaking is a course for English-speaking learners of Russian with two years of college-level study of the language. The complete AR package includes: a) two soft-bound volumes from Slavica Publishers; b) the interactive multimedia application at our Cloud home page; and c) three video DVDs that can be played in any NTSC DVD player (any region). This set of DVDs, called Russian Short Stories On Your Screen, is available only from Lexicon Bridge Publishers.

The three DVDs include all twelve videos that are central to the course. We think that a teacher might enjoy using them in class with a DVD player and room projector, and an individual learner, too, may very well benefit from their superior image and sound quality, even though the same content is included in the interactive pages on this website. For artistic impression and practice in listening comprehension, watching the videos as you watch a movie on your TV is a different experience than working with short scenes, transcripts, and glossaries on your computer screen.


a still from one of our videos
For this title, Elena Solovey, an actress known to Russian movie-goers by over fifty feature films, recorded "Yavlenie prirody" by Ludmila Ulitskaia (in Chapter 6 of Advanced Russian).

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Snezhana Chernova recorded another version of Ulitskaia's "Yavlenie prirody." The DVDs feature multiple renderings of each story because each actor or actress interprets the characters differently, each has a different voice and manner, and speaks at a different tempo. This variety benefits the language learner.

a still from one of our videos
Vadim Krol recorded "Nezhnyi vozrast" and (with Elena Uspenskaia) "Journal Continued" by Andrei Gelasimov.

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Elena Uspenskaia also recorded "Kontsert po putevke Obshchestva knigoliubov," a short story by Dina Rubina.

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Rustem Galich recorded "Schastlivyi" by M. Mishin, "Mimokhodom" by M. Veller, and two poems.

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Dmitrii Khukhlaev recorded another version of Mishin's "Schastlivyi" as well as "Istoriia" by M. Mishin, and "Test" by M. Veller.

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Garii Chernyakhovskii recorded another version of Mishin's "Istoriia," a compilation of Sergei Dovlatov's biographical notes called "O vremeni i o sebe," Dovlatov's hilarious introduction to his unfinished book "Kholodilnik," and Dovlatov's "Ostrov" (the writer's impressions of New York City).

a still from one of our videos
Igor Afanasev recorded his own versions of Veller's "Mimokhodom" and "Test," Dovlatov's "O vremeni i o sebe" and "Ostrov," and two different interpretations of Dovlatov's introduction to "Kholodilnik."

The DVDs also feature video recordings of Dina Rubina's performance at Cornell University of her short story "Kontsert po putevke Obshchestva knigoliubov" (in Chapter 5 of Advanced Russian); Peter Shtein's television film based on Ulitskaia's "Yavlenie prirody" (Chapter 6); multiple recordings of poems by Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva; and three songs performed by Russian bards (all part of Advanced Russian).

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