Life on the Atomic River
Credits and Bibliography
These days, most lexicographical information comes from online sources, including the ever-changing usage in everyday texts and speech. Still, no lexicographer can do his work without referring to classical sources. We owe a debt of gratitude to the following venerable editions.
When the Russian Dictionary Project began in 1987 in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at Cornell University, 5000 Russian Words With All Their Inflected Forms and Other Grammatical Information (Slavica Publishers) by Richard L. Leed and Slava Paperno served as the base for The Russian Dictionary Tree. Clifford Flamm, Linda Flamm, Richard L. Leed, and Slava Paperno spent the summer of 1989 formulating the organizational principles for the new computer-based dictionary, an exciting novelty. In the course of the following year, most definitions were rewritten, and new entries were added to the original list. Carla Gordon worked on the nouns, Nina Katz and Carol Clark on the adjectives, and Jean MacKenzie, Lesli LaRocco, Carla Gordon, and Kevin McKelvey worked on the verbs. Michael Harum, who joined the project in 1992, worked on many idiomatic expressions.
Carol Clark, Boris Stremlin, Tamiko Toland, and Ludmilla Volnova helped us in the herculean task of proofreading. We are also grateful to our early typists who mastered bilingual word processing when it was a rare skill: Reef Altoma, Galina Atlas, Heather Behn, and Jill Castleman. Over the years (and thousands new entries), friends and colleagues helped us raise The Tree. We especially appreciate the many scholarly insights offered by Sophia Lubensky while the dictionary was being expanded for 12 Chairs Interactive: From Reading to Speaking in 2006-2008; they will continue to influence our work.
The Russian Dictionary Project was supported by funds generously contributed by the National Security Agency and The Consortium for Lanuage Teaching and Learning. The 2006-2008 expansion was supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.